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Some Wrinkles With XCode 4

So I’ve run across a couple of problems with XCode 4 that others may possibly care about.

The conversion process of a project would appear to turn off “Application requires iPhone environment” in the .plist file. With the result that you get told that embedded.mobileprovision already exists, when you attempt to copy an ad hoc distribution .app file to itunes. You need to re-enable that.

Second, it would appear that some build configurations don’t pick up the right project dependencies. So I can build my ad hoc and release builds under XCode3, and yet they miss the output libraries for the subprojects under XCode4. In related news, I can’t quite get my head around the new schemes, as it seems unfeasibly hard to just build an ad hoc build; it wants a complete scheme.

I’m sure some of these problems are just the result of my general ignorance. YMMV.