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iOS and Android, Apps and Maps.

About Isomaly

Isomaly is Alan Paxton’s software development consultancy. Alan has many years of experience in software research and development, and has been developing mobile apps since 2009. We would be delighted to help you too.

iOS Apps

We have designed and developed a number of iOS apps for several clients. Some of them are showcased on this site. We can incorporate a wide variety of powerful tools and views into these apps, through the use of built-in and 3rd party libraries. For example we have build apps using

  • GPS and location services
  • Camera
  • QR Code reader
  • Paypal payment integration
  • OAuth (twitter and facebook login)
  • Forms

Android Apps

We have designed and developed Android apps too. Although our primary emphasis is iOS, we are familiar with the Android development tools and technologies, and can help you if you are interested in having app versions on both iOS and Android.


Many of the apps we build are based on maps. Beyond iOS and Android built in maps, we have developed apps using OpenStreetMap maps and Ordnance Survey-based maps. And these give us the opportunity to add extra features to the apps, such as offline maps for use in low-signal areas or for foreign travel without incurring roaming charges.

Map based apps can be built with a database of POIs (points of interest), either wrapped within the map, or served to the app over the network.

Map Data: OpenStreetMap and contributors. CC-BY-SA - Tiles Courtesy of MapQuest

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